The Changing Face of Higher Education

Hina Bhagwani

15 March 2018

"Ensuring Quality Higher Education is one of the most important things we can do for future generations." Ron Lewis.

Education is a nation’s strength. Indian education system is the 3rd largest in the world after US & China. Being a developing nation, our country undergoes many challenges but there are lot of opportunities to overcome these challenges and make our Higher education system wider & superior.

The major change or we should say “in-demand change” in Higher education sector is moving from a book-to-book education methodology to the e-learning system of education. A lot of Institutes delivering Graduation and Post-Graduation courses have already shifted their teaching & training practice on laptops and other e-learning devices. The need is to enhance employability skills of the graduate and post-graduate batch. The potential linking with international universities and institutes opens ways for the youth in opting for the right career goals. The objective is to provide such an innovative and transformational learning approach that is globally more relevant and competitive. The changing face of higher education in India demands an uplift in the diversity of subjects in the overall learning span of a youth – to make him more globally ready.

Excellence, Relevance, Innovation and Transformation are the new techniques to improve quality and reputation of the higher education system. There is a need to build stronger relationship between India and the globe and this can very well be achieved by participating in various platforms like exhibitions, events, seminars and conferences.

The Indian education system is undergoing a major revolution. The list of popular subjects is growing from engineering, Medical, Arts, Law, Administration and Management Programs to Digital Learning, Information & Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Research & Development, Audiology & Speech language, Multi-lingual courses, Philosophy, Psychology and many Vocational subjects.

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